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<strong>This western manufacturer has combined several operations on three premises: </strong>

Leather Glove Manufacturing Unit Lahore :

A leather glove manufacturing unit whose operation begins with the  stitching and ends in final quality control. This unit keeps on 5000 pairs leather gloves / day.

Finished Leather Gloves & Horse Riding Chaps Unit :
Where we produce leather fashion / winter gloves, horse riding chaps, motor bike gloves as well leather chaps / Jackets and ladies leather hand bags.

Cotton Glove Manufacturing Unit / Knitting Unit :
A cotton glove-manufacturing unit, which makes gloves from A to Z: from yarn to packing. This unit keeps on 10,000 cotton pairs gloves / day.

Test Laboratory :
A test laboratory which includes up-to-date testing machines such as a mass spectrophotometer, pH meters, an abrasion machine, dynamometers, micro scales, grinder, cutter….)*

Created “from scratch” in July 1997, Globex Safety is now:

  • 450 employees.
  • Progressing in all respects rapidly.
  • All manufacturing facilities in house from A to Z.

I S O 9000:2008 Certified :
Globex Safety has achieved the significant certificate of ISO 9000:2008, which has proved Globex to have a comprehensive system of work in all corners of company. 


Why this certificate is necessary for companies?
Because in this advance age, companies, like to have a good system and environment of work so that enable them to get good results in all dealings and ISO systems directs them to be in such position. ISO 9000:2008 is presenting Globex a quality system company towards all domestic dealers and customers in abroad.

Globex Safety: an Independent –  Western – Leather & Glove Manufacturer

Globex Quality Policy

Globex is committed to quality excellence and total customer satisfaction, to achieve this we

  • Ensure on time delivery of quality products.
  • Procure quality raw material
  • Appoint highly skilled, educated and motivated management team.
  • Ensure employees involvement in the continuous improving process.

The quality policy is based on these salient features also:

A vertical integration of the manufacturing Which is characterized by:

A total absence of subcontracting. Subcontracting is in fact a source of un-quality and makes any tractability unpredictable.

  • An in-house manufacturing of each of the components of the glove. For instance:
  • Globex purchases all its cotton in shape of yarn and then knit it in-house before assembling the fabric with a leather palm.
  • All the skins used by Globex are “finished” in-house: from raw to finish.

A completely integrated quality system based on:

A drastic selection of the suppliers for which the price factor is not the only determining element. These suppliers are:

  • Either ISO 9000; so are our supplies of chemical products (mainly Bayer and BASF).
  • Or able to demonstrateto us that they have an acceptable control of their process (wet blue suppliers…).
  • A control of all entries: (skins, thread, yarn…).
  • Detailed technical specifications for each manufactured glove.
  • An identification of each entry by batch number. For instance each skin is permanently marked and its batch number is registered.
  • A full tractability system enabling Globex to go back, for each glove and at any time to the following information:
  • The names of its cutter, of its stitcher and of its quality controller
  • The processing sheet of the leather batch.
  • All the tests made on the material: Cr6 content, pH, tearing resistance, abrasion resistance.

A “Clean” Production

The facts

  • Nikemakes the front page of the “Washington Post” and “CBS” and is accused of being a “pro-salver”. (July 98)
  • Benettonis accused of “employing people working 12 hours a day, below the age of 15…without any social security cover…”.  Its own Italian trade union decided to hit the headline of two major European newspapers (“Le Monde” and “Corriere Della Sera”) in releasing a report on the Asian Benetton workshops. (October 98).
  • Ikea, the European leader of the furniture industry, is accused of employing children and decides, “to make public excuses”.
  • Under pressure, Levi’s GAP, and C&Ahave adopted a moral code for their Asian production. They control its implementation by surprise and regularly.

All of these firms have one common point: they are all leaders.

The answer of Globex Safety.

In order to enable its western customers to protect their image and to avoid the deplorable financial consequences resulting from these media events, Globex:

  • Does not employ any child below the age of 16. Neither directly nor indirectly (through subcontracting.
  • Does not break the “Bounder labor system abolition Act” which bans “slavery through debt”. 50% of the Pakistani work glove stitchers are “kept” the way!
  • Provides its entire staff with a social security cover, which is far above the minimum legal requirement. Not a single employee works “on a contract basis”. The words ‘on a contract basis” when translated into Pakistani mean “no payroll taxes, no social security, no vacation, no retirement, no nothing! “And of course: “no glove, no pay!”

This Globex approach does not exist at any other Pakistani work glove factory.

But Globex looks further ahead in giving to any customer the possibility to check by surprise and in detail the here-above statements through free interviews of its workers, an audit of the salary books, tractability of the staff, and check of their social security number….

Globex Safety also feel honor to declare: We giving equal opportunities to LADIES for working in its Productive departments with full social security rights. 


And ….. We Prove it.

Where to place an order or to get assistance in English?

Globex Safety
Address :Bahria Orchard Phase IV, Gate # 4, Raiwind Rd, Lahore 54000, Pakistan
Contact Person :Mahmood Ahmed. (CEO)
Phone :+92 42 3539 9193
Web :www.globexsafety.com
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