Globex is committed to quality excellence and total customer satisfaction, to achieve this we:

  – Ensure on time delivery of quality products.
  – Procure quality raw material.
  – Appoint highly skilled, educated and motivated management team.
  – Ensure employees involvement in the continuous improving process.

The quality policy is based on these salient features also:
A vertical integration of the manufacturing Which is characterized by:

  • A total absence of subcontracting. Subcontracting is in fact a source of un-quality and makes any traceability unpredictable.
  • An in-house manufacturing of each of the components of the glove. For instance: Globex purchases all its cotton in shape of yarn and then knit it in-house before assembling the fabric with a leather palm.
  • All the skins used by Globex are “finished” in-house: from raw to finish.
  • A completely integrated quality system based on: A drastic selection of the suppliers for which the price factor is not the only determining element. These suppliers are either ISO 9000; so are our supplies of chemical products (mainly Bayer and BASF). Or able to demonstrate to us that they have an acceptable control of their process (wet blue suppliers…)
  • A control of all entries: (skins, thread, yarn…)
  • Detailed technical specifications for each manufactured glove.
  • An identification of each entry by batch number. For instance each skin is permanently marked and its batch number is registered.
  • A full traceability system enabling Globex to go back, for each glove and at any time to the following information:

  1. The names of its cutter, of its stitcher and of its quality controller
  2. The processing sheet of the leather batch.
  3. All the tests made on the material: Cr6 content, pH, tearing resistance, abrasion resistance.
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